Upper Athabasca Data is Now Online!

February 8, 2018

Who is collecting the data?

The Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring program involves volunteers from three local stewardship groups:   The Green Foundation   of Edson, the   Central Athabasca Stewardship Society   of Fort Assiniboine and the   Tawatinaw Watershed Stewards   of Tawatinaw.

Thanks to the hard work of Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring Program and their volunteers, everyone now have access to these important datasets.

From the DataStream team, we would like to provide a BIG welcome to the Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring Program!

The Upper Athabasca Community Based Monitoring program depends on the generosity of donors. If you are interested in finding out more contact uathcbm(at)gmail.com

DataStream now has data from the southern reaches of the Basin all the way to the north! But there is still lots more data that needs to be made openly available, if you are interested in providing or helping communities bring their data online please contact us.

a scene of a lake with a dock  half painted in red in the middle stretching out into the water. A boat is attached to the dock and surrounded by mountains.

Be the Water Bottle: Demonstrating Good Data Management

“Be the water bottle”. That’s the message from DataStream Data Specialist Patrick LeClair in this practical demonstration of what good data management looks like, taken from the recent Data Management Best Practices webinar. 

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canoe centered on the water surrounded by tree line

FAIR and CARE Data Principles

Technology has helped facilitate the growth of data sharing and the rise of open data – a movement that DataStream is proud to be part of. When water data is open and accessible it can be used to better inform decision-making and stewardship efforts.

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New DataStream Upload Template (v2.0)

New DataStream Upload Template (v2.0)

DataStream’s new Upload Template (v2.0) makes it easier for data stewards to format data while allowing for new data types like sediment.

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