The results are in! National CBM Survey Highlights

Written by Aislin Livingstone

March 15, 2018

Our key findings from open-ended responses suggest that outcomes from a national discussion should focus on:

  • Building CBWM capacity
  • Ensuring high quality monitoring
  • Facilitating regional collaboration
  • Streamlining data management
  • Strengthening knowledge transfer

Next Steps

We are taking the advice provided through our survey and running with it! Stay tuned for more information on our plans for an upcoming national-scale gathering on CBWM. This event is intended to highlight the successes of CBWM to-date and identify key opportunities for the federal government to help sustain this growing movement.

This is a collaborative initiative being led by The Gordon Foundation, Living Lakes Canada, and WWF-Canada.

To see all of the survey highlights please visit:

Feature image credit: Living Lakes Canada

One of the presenters at the National Discussion Event convened by The Gordon Foundation, Living Lakes Canada and WWF-Canada.

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