Dive into Data Webinar Series

April 8, 2020

The first webinar on Data Management Best Practices will take place on April 23, 11am EDT, with Patrick LeClair – DataStream’s Data Specialist. 

The webinars are FREE to attend. Learn more and register here.  

River with green grass in a valley

DataStream Publishes Open Data Standard to Support Water Science

The publication of an open data standard is enabling valuable freshwater data to be organized, accessed, and shared in a harmonized way. This data standard underpins   DataStream, a growing online platform for sharing water data collected by Canada’s diverse water monitoring and research community.

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Nicole Goodman monitoring water with test strips.

CBM In Action: North Slave Métis Alliance

Community-based monitoring groups of all shapes and sizes are taking action to protect rivers, lakes and wetlands. These are the amazing people and initiatives that inspire us to do the work we do here at DataStream.

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Monitoring Sites surrounding Great Slave Lake

New Feature: Explore Data by Watershed

DataStream’s new watershed boundary layers cut back on guesswork and make it easier to explore data in the regions that matter to you. We’ve incorporated watershed map layers across all three platforms thanks to geospatial data available on Canada’s Open Government Portal (open data for the win!).

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