Building the Indigenous Guardians Network: In Conversation with Valérie Courtois

Written by Lindsay Day with Valérie Courtois

August 29, 2018

Generating positive change from the ground up

I worked with and managed the  Innu Nation Environmental Guardian program  for nine years. I’ve seen how transformational Guardian programs can be for individuals and families. We have existing Guardians saying, “My kids want to become Guardians when they grow up.” To me that is a huge mark of success.

It can be so hard when you live in remote communities faced with social and other challenges. It feels like there’s no hope. This program gives us hope. We’re going back to the land. People are being who they are. And being proud of that.

Three hands with fish.

Celebrating Citizen Science Day 2019

Happy Citizen Science Day! This April 13, we are celebrating the countless community-based monitoring groups and citizen scientists contributing their knowledge and energy to understanding the health of watersheds all across the country.

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